Discover Sandalia

Discover Sandalia

Summer is here and so is vacation season! Many British Columbians wait every year to trek up to the Interior, jump in a lake, swim until we can’t feel our legs, barbecue some steaks and drink wine on the patio. While some set up their tents in provincial parks, others prefer the comfort of four walls – a home.

Recreational property or in this case a Sandalia Beach Condos provides all the amenities of home. It’s refreshing, even for a long weekend, to be able to wake up with a fresh cup of coffee and walk out onto a deck overlooking the beautiful waters of Lake Okanagan. For those who can afford it, buying another property may be on you and your family’s list and the benefits will be long-lasting.

Here are some great reasons for Canadians to buy property in Oroville, U.S.

  • Lower property prices,
  • No GST
  • No property transfer tax
  • Low strata fees
  • Convenience – minutes from the Border


Taken together, these facts seem to suggest that Canadians have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: to buy U.S. real estate using cheap U.S. dollars. It’s a win-win, right?

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